Retiring the LunchBox

Dear Friends,

About a decade ago, Matt and I hatched an idea to try to bring a new style of food to the Madison Food Cart scene.  I have been cooking for longer than my adult life, and in my kitchen experience, I have had the pleasure to learn many different styles of cooking.  Food is a wonderful medium of creation, and when I first considered doing the LunchBox, I wanted very much to have a different selection to serve every day instead of the same menu day after day.

After opening the LunchBox on the Library Mall in 2004, I started to recieve very warm welcome from so many of you loyal cusomers and friends who have been with me since the very beginning.  After the daily routine of the Library Mall, it was suggested that with the trailer equiped as it was with a flat top grill, that it may be worth trying breakfast at the Dane County Farmer's Market.  Well, the rest is pretty much history.

It worked out that I started breakfast at the Market at the same time that my daughter was born, and the option to vend just on Saturday's and only during the summer season was one which allowed for me to have a lot of time at home with my kids in their formative years. Who could have known that this experience would take me to the pages of Bon Appétite magazine as well?

None of the growth I have experienced over this decade would have been possible without you, my loyal and devoted customers. Thank you, thank you. Never have I had anything but encouragement.  Never have I been in a position to recieve so much positive feedback in any occupation in my life. Never could I have dreamed of making food in an envoronment with so much direct contact to you all.

With many, many regrets, I am announcing the retirement of Ingrid's LunchBox. Matt, Clark, Petra and I are making some changes in our lives and looking to move to a home with a garden.  All of these years of so much fresh produce around me has inspired me to try to raise some tomatos of my own! While I am interested in selling the trailer, I suspect that I will hold on to the LunchBox name. One never knows what the future may hold for Ingrid's LunchBox after the cart!

Since the early years, there are now many new carts doing making some wonderful food for a wealth of options at the Dane County Farmer's Market.  I hope that you will all choose to discover some of these wonderful new tastes and options that have appeared around the square now. I surely intend to do so!  Also, stop back and visit the website some times or follow me on Twitter at @IngsLunchBox. I make no promises, but if there ever was to be a new adventure, this is where it would be known first!

With loving respect and many, many thanks,

Ingrid Rockwell