The Onion- Wheeled Satisfaction

Katjusa Cisar writes the following in the May 29th, 2008 issue of "The Onion:" [Cisar, Katjusa. "Food: Wheeled satisfaction" The Onion 29 May 2008: 31. ] Ingrid's Lunchbox has been around for years, but recently got a nod from Bon Appetit magazine as the best street food in the country. Ingrid Rockwell grew up on a dairy farm and has been cooking since she could get a work permit. She's scaled back her cart for the time being to Saturdays on the the square, where you can get steel-cut oatmeal, meatless balls in a creamy dill sauce, or a rhubarb crisp crêpe, among other dishes. Thanks much, Ms. Cisar. The Onion has always had a special place in our hearts, and to have mention means the world to us.