San Francisco Street Food Festival, August 2011

How cool is this?  I have just been contacted about participating in the 2011 San Francisco Street Food Festival!  I don't have the specifics beyond what can be read off of their site,but apparently I served one of the organizers last year at Farmer's Market and now they want to fly me to San Francisco to serve for two days at their annual Street Food Festival.  It sounds like it will come down to serving small portions of two items, preferably from the Farmer's Market menu.  

I'm still thinking about what to serve, but Matt suggests that a mini Wisconsin fried egg sandwich with horseradish hollendaize and fresh spincach on a cheddar and chive baking powder biscut for one item.  The other I am thinking should represent the crepe, so I was thinking apple crisp crepe with real whipped cream and strusel.  Now I just need to figure out how to get Vernon's apples out to the west coast.

I'd actually love to hear what you think if you are willing to leave a comment below...


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