Here comes the sun: Looking for a taste of summer on the Library Mall

by Raphael Kadushin From: THE ISTHMUS, MAY 27, 2005 I hadn’t made a tour of this year’s carts since they rolled out in the spring, so there were some surprises facing me on the Mall, including a homespun cart called Ingrid’s Lunchbox, whose slogan is “dang-it I’m hungry.” All of which seemed almost exotic, given the bigger presence of pan-Asian and Latin carts surrounding the little heartland reserve. For $5 I got a portion of Ingrid’s Iowa chicken and corn pot pie – a heaping serving featuring chunks of chicken, corn, carrots and bacon sitting under a cornmeal crust. Almost as good and just as cheap: the dang-it that’s weird meatless meatballs, which might leave you wondering, “What’s the point?” The point is that vegetarians too can now enjoy their simulated tofu and veggie-soy-crumb balls, which are robust, chewy and swimming in a very enticing creamy dill sauce. They also come paired with mashed potatoes and green beans, so you can skip through a veritable vegetable garden (though skip the waterlogged beans altogether).