Cart attack: Variations on alfresco dining

by Tenaya Darlinqton From: THE ISTHMUS, June 24, 2004 You can’t miss Ingrid Rockwell’s new cart on Library Mall. Its red siding and white trim looks like a playhouse barn on wheels, which makes sense since Rockwell, a vegetarian and graduate of the Johnson & Wales culinary school in Rhode Island, grew up on a farm in Deerfield. Her revolving cuisine is decidedly Midwestern, though with a twist, the kind of stick-to-your-ribs food she grew up “taking into the fields for my brothers.” Pork pie. Meatloaf. But her daily specials always include a vegetarian option: lentil loaf, zucchini fritters, veggie mac ‘n’ cheese. Her lentil loaf and meatloaf have proven so popular she serves them every Wednesday. The rest of the week, it’s a gamble, but so worth the risk. Rockwell serves some of the best cart food I’ve ever tasted, in particular her corn cake sandwich, served between slices of soft pita with sour cream and homemade salsa fresca. Don’t let the term “lunch box” fool you. Rockwell goes well beyond the ordinary with her reasonably priced haute hungry-man cuisine.