Where's the Lunchbox?

It's true.  The LunchBox as we know it is done.   After near a decade of "towing the box," Ingrid's LunchBox is no more.  Ingrid, however, is still going strong!  The Lunchbox is headed for new adventures, and my family and I have relocated to the wonderful community of Cambridge, Wisconsin.

What does the future hold? Unknown. I can say with certainty though that I will not stop cooking. I often think about something once said to me by a professional muscian, "The more I learn about music, the more I realize I will never be able to listen to it all."  That is exactly how I feel about food!  Add a dash of Internet to the mix, and voila! The well of ideas never runs dry.

I will always be a farm girl whether I live on the farm or not.  it is in my nature to keep busy and stay productive.  Being close again to my family and their farms is also fueling ideas aplenty.  It is hard to not have fresh ideas in this incredible little region of American heartland. We have amazing dirt for growing.  We have ground water that tastes great. We have kindred spirits who remember what food tastes like when it doesn't come from a box. What more could a country cook ask for?

I will never be able to say it often enough. Thank you, thank you to everybody who has ever had the opportunity to eat at the LunchBox. Amongst so many positive things I carry away from the experience of this endeavor over the last decade, I think cooking close to my customers instead of back in an a kitchen has affected me. Smiles truly are infectious.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


Ingrid [Hansen] Rockwell

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